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Thursday, July 28, 2011

#About Me Fact 3 ; the sensitive one

honestly, saya seorang yang manja . manja sgt2 .. but for some situation i cant be bcoz of a few reasons .. however the fact is , i am very sensitive person .. love to crying even just a small matters .. but actually saya selalu nanges sesorang senyap2 .. and that why mata saya sgt2 sembab .. like mata panda pon ade :D whatever it is ,, eventhough i am so sensitive , but i still and forever will be a most cheerful person in world .. i love to smile to everyone bcoz senyum itu sedekah .. sometimes i feel to dont want to grow up .. just want to stay be a child ever .. but that too impossible to be happen right ?  hehe .. love yaa.. ^^

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