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Saturday, May 14, 2011

i am who i am ♥

only a girl who wish could achive her dreams... 

see the picture above?
yup! truly am i.

nama penuh yg suda termaktub dekat luh mahfuz, diberi mak ayah, and terdapat dekat IC is only a simple name that is, Fatini bt. Ngadenan. its only fatini. my name da mmg pendek so korang x payah nak pendekkan lagi okeyh? kalau pendek jugak, just call me as tini. not fat. its not a joke. my father dah bagi name sedap-2, korang x payah nak menyedapkan lagi ikut selera tekak korang okeyh? most my teachers call me as fatin. =.= its okeylaa.. da byk kali ckp ade penambahan huruf I dekat belakang. but xde maknenye. and too, please type my name correctly. F.A.T.I.N.I not ftini okeyh? nama ade maksud tersendiri dan doa. so, calling2 yg baik2 okeyh? :)
*saya take serious about my name*

was born on May 29 1997 at banting, selangor. gonna be forteen soon!
i am student of SAMTTAR, sg. manggis since 2010.
staying at Bt.9, Kg.Medan, Sijangkang, Selangor.

i love to reading anything but more prefer novel tebal punya. too love music, blogging,snap pic,eat, hang out shopping, travel and try something new n extreme.
love to be friend with anyone.

if nieysa love ayam goreng, i prefer ice cream and too twister. so, sesiape murah hati mau belanja saya, kecil tapak tgn, sebesar kolah saya tadah :)

love pastel colour but more love applesky. mean apple green and sky blue. this both colour have their own meaning in my life.

i wish for a meaning life. that mean, berjaya dunia akhirat. for the first step is get straights As in PMR'12.
i wish to be a perfect khalifah for my Allah, a loyal follower for my Nabi Muhammad, a solehah daughter for my parents, a loving sister for my siblings, a good student for my teachers, a best friend for my fellow friends and someone useful to everyone. 

my kesayangan lah... 

*abaikan muke budak tudung coklat tuh =P

my loving family. hope will happy ever after until the end forever.
syukur sgt2 coz i have a caring ayah, a loving mak, a handsome brother, two sweets sister and a cute little
sister. my too my neneklah. saayyyyaanngg !!! ♥ 
fact : saya anak ayah !! 

my cousin tearantaicien forever!!
esha - atyp

afifah joharee !!
ouh BFF ! 

bestfriend am i right?
2010, menemukan kita, samttar menyatukan kita, and 1 ihklas mengeratkan kita.
sayyyaaanggss u all macam orang gilak lah!!

 hareez - arif
my cutie heroes. 
2 budak kecik ni u all x bole bawak balek =P
mine okeyh?! haha XD

and last...

my sayang !

♥  wish me luck ya sayaangss!! 

idea : nazihah anuar


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